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What is a youth mentor?

A youth mentor consists of an adult figure who will be a positive role model in that youths life. A lot of time children are being influenced by the friends they have outside of the home, many times children are being brought up in are single parent homes who have other smaller children to attend to. This opportunity allows single parents to get assistance from someone else who is socially respected and has a positive influence in our community.

Think of it as a Big Brother, Big Sister.

Youth will be paired with an appropriate person based on their current situation at home and in the community, and what challenges they are facing in their everyday life. 

Families will be assessed on a case to case basis.

This program has qualifications from both the mentor and mentee.

Entry into this program can take 8 months or more.

Our mentors go threw vigorous sector checks, and  extensive qualifications from our professional team of social workers, as well as others.

Signing up for this program early will allow processing to assessment and entry validation. 

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